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Visual Media Remote:
A SoundBridge Remote Control

"Visual Media Remote" (or in short "VisualMR") is designed to be an easy to setup and use remote control for your Pinnacle or Roku SoundBridges.

VisualMR fits perfectly on a PocketPC and offers an optional larger layout for Windows PCs. The menus are designed to be familiar for SoundBridge users but easier to use thanks to the larger screen.

Highlights of VisualMR V2

VisualMR / PC layout with integrated 'Song Queue'

VisualMR on PocketPC VisualMR browsing artists

VisualMR Jukebox window (PC)

06/12/2009: V2.0.0 - Changes since V1.6

For more changes in V2.0.0 as well as previous changes please see the versions history.

Known limitations

Documentation / Download

If you like to learn more about VisualMR, you can read an overview about its features here.

If you like to skip this overview and read more about downloading and installing VisualMR, please choose your platform:

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